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Fallout for Small Businesses Expected from GM Bankruptcy


Government, Politics and the Economy

Small Business Fallout From GM's Bankruptcy

If General Motors files Chapter 11 as many believe they will, we will likely also see many small businesses that supply GM with parts and raw materials face bankruptcy as well. The only difference will be that they have no prospect of government bailouts.

Obama Sets up Computer Security Office
According to President Obama, the US has failed for too long to adequately protect the security of its computer networks. He said that as he announced that he will soon name a new cyber czar to press for action on computer security.

Management, Taxes and Other Financial Issues

Customer Retention-Your Top Priority

According to columnist Rhonda Abrams, In this economy, the key to business survival boils down to doing whatever you can to keep your current customers.

Worried About Tax Hikes? Set Up as S-Corp or C-Corp

While most small businesses are structured as S-corporations, some are considering going to a C-corp status because they are worried about tax hikes in 2011.

Quarterly Taxes: Do Them Right

With the next quarterly deadline for self-employed workers to file their estimated taxes fast approaching, we offer a guide to help you through the filing.

Technology Issues

Online Naming Rights

Is yours one of those small businesses stuck with bad Web addresses? If you are, then help is on the way. Next year, the organization that oversees the Internet will start selling rights to an unlimited number of new top-level domain names.

Pushing the Email Envelope

By changing to a new way of making email more secure, Sendmail has seen its revenue jump from $15 million in 2006 to $32 million two years later, and the trend is continuing.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Dean: Public, Private Health Insurance Systems Could Work in Tandem

In a meeting with insurance brokers and agents, the former head of the Democratic Party said that the private health insurance market can exist alongside a public health care plan, and may even provide some healthy competition.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

ROI Marketing: United Airlines' Active Approach to Customer Satisfaction
Sure, you care about your customers, right? After all, it is the one thing that really makes you stand apart. Take a page from United's customer service playbook and you might find some ideas to make your efforts even better for you and your customers.

Judging Customers Can Cost You Big Sales
The old adage that you can't judge a book by its cover works well for customers as well. Judging your customers by the way they dress, speak or act can be a very costly mistake.

E-Marketing: Greening the Digital Process

For those brought up on e-marketing, e-shopping, e-dating, e-gossiping—and all things e —it may feel that they are truly paperless and that their behavior is so green as to be above reproach. Is it? Are others every bit as green as those on the digital landscape? You may be surprised.