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GM's Bankruptcy: The Plan and the Fallout


Government, Politics and the Economy

GM Bankruptcy: A Bid to Regain Profits with $50 Billion US Aid

General Motors Corp., for 77 years the world’s largest carmaker, filed for bankruptcy protection in the US. The plan? To create a 21st-century company that can compete in world markets.

GM Bankruptcy: The Effects Will be Felt Far and Wide

The turmoil and uncertainty caused by the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler will be felt far outside Detroit, in the dealerships and suppliers who are bracing for hard times to come.

GM Bankruptcy: The Effects Will be Felt Far and Wide

GM and Chrysler are not the first companies the government has taken over, but if history is a judge, the government takeover and management of America's troubled rail system—Amtrak—nearly 40 years ago does not bode well for Detroit.

Management, Taxes and Other Financial Issues

Avoiding the Collaboration Trap?
With so many things that can affect your business out of your control, one thing you can improve is workforce's collaboration skills, assuming that you can avoid the traps.

No Credit Card Relief for Small Business

With more entrepreneurs relying on their credit cards to stay afloat now that loans have become hard to come by, the recent credit-card reforms don't apply to small business cards is sobering news and has many wondering what will happen.

Books for a Hard Times Library

As the recession continues, every scrap of good advice is valuable. Here are some recently published books that offer words of wisdom for entrepreneurs navigating these stormy waters.

Technology Issues

Experts React to Obama's Cybersecurity Report

Computer security experts appreciated President Obama's acknowledgement that cyber-attacks threaten national security. However, some complained that the report lacked details while many questions remain about the effectiveness of a "cybersecurity coordinator."

Benefits and Labor Issues

Staffing Firm Indicted for Labor Trafficking, Immigration Violations
According to the US Attorney's Office, Giant Labor Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, used false information for H-2B work visas, charged workers fees and allegedly threatened workers with a $5,000 fee if they returned to their home country.

Staffing Firm Indicted for Labor Trafficking, Immigration Violations

If you think an employee manual is somehow optional, it is time to think about it again. In today's legal and business climate, an employee manual is more important than ever.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Beware of Brand Impersonation

The online world is still wide open and that brand you have lavished so much time and attention on could fall prey to malicious brand impersonators—A cautionary tale and some suggestions.

Blog Marketing: Extending Your Social Reach, Driving Your Online Sales
If you have ever wondered how you can create, spread, and measure a blog that your customer base will find useful, here are the answers you've been looking for.