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Getting the Cash: Advice from Six Entrepreneurs


Government, Politics and the Economy

Work Visa Bill: A Threat to Outsourcers?

There is a controversial "50/50" provision in the new Durbin-Grassley visa reform bill that could hurt Indian outsourcers but also save US jobs.

Bernanke: Long-Term Budget Deficits Threaten Financial Stability

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that large US budget deficits are a threat to the nation's financial stability and that the government cannot continue to borrow at the current rate to finance the shortfall forever.

Management, Taxes and Financial Issues

SBA: Lending Shift in Small Business

A new Small Business Administration report shows slower growth in small business loans in 2008 and a rise in the use of small business credit cards.

Six Entrepreneurs: How We Got the Cash

With small businesses struggling to find banks willing to make much-needed loans to them, these 6 entrepreneurs got the loans they needed. Here is how they did it.

Small Business Legal Issues

Taking Your Business Home

More small businesses are cutting expenses by ditching their storefronts and offices in favor of a home office, but they are also running into new problems such as home-business zoning ordinances, tax regulations and new insurance and marketing costs.

Technology Issues

Email Delivery: Making it Easier in Six Steps
You're never too old to learn something from Mom, even if the wisdom comes from someone else's mom.

Google Wave and The Enterprise

Wave is intended to create an entire open ecosystem for communication and collaboration that Google is not-so-modestly touting as the reinvention of digital interaction circa 2009. The preview was quite compelling and the result? A standing ovation.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Healthcare Groups: We Can Attack Costs
A coalition including the American Hospital Association is encouraging its members to improve how care is coordinated and to use a variety of health information technology tools and boost efficiency with an immediate pledge to focus on reducing common surgical infections.

Health Insurers Embrace Some Changes, Balk at Others

The insurance industry says it backs the proposed healthcare overhaul, at least in principle. However, it has made no promises regarding reforms to the small employer segment of the market.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Behavioral Marketing: Targeting Non-Intenders
You may not have known this, but 37 cents out of every dollar spent on marketing in North America is spent reaching out to the wrong consumers.

Marketing ROI: Show Me the Leads
You can maximize your lead generation dollars and use your sales resources to the fullest by implementing technology that allows you to gain insight on lead movement and sales readiness.

Seven Easy Digital Marketing Techniques for Lead Generation

Organic list growth may take time and effort, but it is well worth it and you will love the results. Consider the following techniques to acquire new leads and grow your list with success.