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Fighting to Launch: The Tale of Nautical Tours


Government, Politics and the Economy

Securities Industry: Leave Executive Comp to Boards, Not Lawmakers

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association released guidelines for how financial services firms should tie compensation to long-term performance and risk management, saying that executive pay should be decided by company boards, not by legislators or regulators.

Fixing the Economy: Is Obama Flubbing the Fix?

With the administration backtracking on major regulatory reform, some critics saying that Obama is squandering a rare opportunity.

Obama to Doctors: Health Plan Promotes Efficiency, Fiscal Soundness

President Obama will try to convince the American Medical Association, nation’s largest group of doctors, that his plan to overhaul the US healthcare system will lead to more efficient care and enhance the country’s fiscal health.

Management and Operations

Yes, There are Customers You Really Doesn't Want

Are you trying to please too many different types of customers? Doing so can be a fatal flaw, especially in hard economic times. Instead, focus on your core audience and don't waste time or money on the rest.

Sometimes, You Simply Have to Say No
Is this you, feeling guilty when you say "no" and finding yourself overwhelmed and overcommitted because you say "yes" far too often? If that is you, then the authors of the new book Womenomics, have some advice for you on the fine art of saying “no.”

Legal Issues

Fighting to Launch: The Tale of Nautical Tours

A good small businessman, Erroll Tyler is no quitter. He has spent the last six years battling city officials for the permits he needs to launch his business, Nautical Tours.

FTC's Telemarketing Lawsuit: A Peek Inside One Firm

It just took four days as a telemarketer at Transcontinental Warranty, four days of dishonesty, screaming and yelling from irate consumers, for Mark Israel quit. Israel is a key witness against Transcontinental, accused of using robocalls and blatant lies while pushing bogus car warranties.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Tax Target: The Company Mobile Phone

A move by the IRS to tax the use of company-issued mobile phones as a fringe benefit is spurring efforts by the wireless industry and others to kill the idea. Subscription Required . Video: Possible New Cellphone Tax Rules

Technology Issues

Your Place in the Clouds

Today’s business websites are interactive experiences, not the static sites of the last generation. Now, offers a place on the cloud for your company as well as the tools to build, manage and turn it into a next-generation website.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Sexual Harassment: Always Investigate Before Firing

There is always a temptation to fire an alleged harasser just because you suspected the alleged victim might sue, but consider this: The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has concluded that fear of being sued is no excuse for firing a suspected harasser without investigating. In fact, the one you fire could be the one who sues!

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: When Video Complicates Matters
In this case study, a video embedded in an email generates impressive click-through rates, but those clicks fail to turn into the number of leads you would expect. What went wrong?

Sales Enablement Strategies
In recessionary times, some companies capitalize on the economic downturn to make changes and prepare for the rebound. Part of that process should be developing a winning sales enablement strategy that positions salespeople to out-sell their competition.

Do You Know What Your Customers Really Want? Better Find Out

In this economy, you need to know what your customers are thinking if you want to be able to properly target the right products and services to them. Here is a tip: Go out and ask them.