California Court Opens Door to ADA Abuse


Government, Politics and the Economy

Obama to Create New Consumer-Finance Agency

According to Treasury Department documents, President Obama will propose an agency to protect consumers of financial products. This new agency would have the power to punish offending firms, set mortgage rules and crack down on deceptive practices.

Management and Operations

Fishy Stock

Looking at the example set by Community Supported Agriculture programs, Northeastern fishing groups are selling shares in their enterprises to consumers and paying them back with weekly allotments of local, fresh-caught fish.

Swept Away by the Flood

With mounting layoffs, small business owners find themselves flooded with job applications. Learn how to keep your head above water with these tips.

Legal Issues

California Court Opens Door to ADA Abuse

The California Supreme Court has ruled that businesses can be sued for damages if they lack accommodations for the disabled, even in the absence of discrimination. The judgment, which was made in the case of a man who could not get his wheelchair into the restroom at a fast-food restaurant, has many business advocates protesting the lack of justice.

Turning a Nonprofit into a For-Profit

There are new, hybrid corporate structures that allow nonprofits to accept private investment without diluting their mission or their status.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Lawmakers to IRS: Suspend Small-Business Penalties

The chairmen of US House and Senate tax committees have asked the IRS to stop collecting penalties from small businesses that bought certain employee benefit plans that the IRS declared to be tax shelters.

Technology Issues

Free Resources from Microsoft Office Live Small Business

If time, money or a lack of technical skills have kept you from setting-up that website or managing all of those important documents, you should take a look at Microsoft Office Live Small Business.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Who Stands Where on Healthcare

Through questions and answers you will learn about the state of play for healthcare reform legislation in the Senate and the House, where Democratic leaders, in firm control of the agenda, think they are on track to meet Obama's goal.

Employers Angry Over Sweeping Health Care Reform
Angry over the new healthcare reform legislation , employers are trying to figure out a good compromise on key issues including taxing health benefits, employer mandates and a government-run option.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy – Part 1
A successful PPC campaign lives or dies on the ad copy. Learn how to write great copy for your PPC ads.

Case Study: The Power of Customer Marketing

While B2B marketing focused on lead generation should be a top priority, you should also consider a customer focused effort. Since your customers are already committed to your organization, you know the decision-makers and their needs. In fact, they are your best asset for revenue.