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Obama: No Second Stimulus Bill Needed...Yet


Government, Politics and the Economy

Obama: No Second Stimulus Effort Needed, Yet

President Obama expects the US unemployment rate to exceed 10% this year, though he says that a second stimulus package isn’t needed...yet.

Management and Operations

Success as an Introverted Leader

Introverts can feel ignored, overlooked, and misunderstood in today's extroverted business climate, but it doesn't have to dead-end your career. Here's advice on how you can make your introversion work for you.

Why Company Culture Matters

Your organization's culture is the DNA of your business. In successful companies it is not only tangible and specific, but it also defines the essence of the organization and provides the glue that holds the workforce together.

Going Old School to Keep Customers Happy

With the recession making it tough to increase their customer bases, small businesses are now stretching their resources to keep their existing customers loyal.

Legal Issues

Small Business Bankruptcies Increase

As the recession continues, the growing number of business bankruptcies—up 40% this year—shows few signs of abating because the factors pushing companies into bankruptcy will likely continue even when the economy starts growing again.

Taxes and Financial Issues

The Credit Card Squeeze: A Blessing in Disguise?

Many small businesses are having real problems as their credit lines reduced or completely eliminated, but the real question is whether they should be using credit cards at all.

Technology Issues

Your Website: 26 Points to Remember Before You Build (or Rebuild)

Having an attractive, sales generating website that comes in under budget is probably at the top of your mind as you think about your Web presence. Here is a 26-point checklist you should use before hiring a web designer.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Adding Financial Wellness to Physical Wellness Programs
Wellness programs and financial education aren’t new, but in recent years, companies have been marrying these two concepts in a more wholistic approach to their employees' needs.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Digital Marketing: How Social Media Shrunk Big Business
Now that online marketing has become personal again, here are a few of the rules you need to know to guide your big, or small, business.

Eight Ways to Lose Your Prospect's Attention

When you make contact with a new prospect you have to connect with them fast, within the first five seconds. If you fail to achieve this, they will quickly tune you out. Here's how you can make that happen.