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Is the Recession Stimulating the Growth of Small Business?


Government, Politics and the Economy

Recession May be Stimulating Increase in Non-Employer Businesses

According to the latest Census figures, 2007 saw a million new non-employer businesses in 2007, for a total of 21.7 million, that together had sales of nearly $1 trillion, about 7% of the 2007 US GDP.

Senate Plan to Overhaul Healthcare may Advance on $1 Trillion Pricetag

According to Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus, the cost of the healthcare reform options before his panel can be cut to $1 trillion, which could remove a major barrier to the bill’s passage.

Management and Operations

The Midyear Review—More Important Than Ever

When new hiring is out of the question, you need to make the most of your talent. You need to get the underperformers up to speed (or out) quicker, and one way to do this is with a midyear review.

Hunting for Innovation

When companies try to come up with new ideas, they tend to always look in the same places, a habit that will get them nowhere. Instead, they need to find new hunting grounds.

Legal Issues

Is it OK to Fire Someone for Filing Bankruptcy?

One of your top people files bankruptcy and you are afraid that will make your company look bad. Can you fire them?

Taxes and Financial Issues

Commercial Restructuring & Bankruptcy News

The US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has issued a decision addressing triangular set-off provisions, which may have far-reaching implications for the enforceability of contractual set-off rights under US law.

Technology Issues

New Customer Resource Management Products Launched

Dexton Software Corporation has introduced iSales, a new on-demand CRM application based on Dexton Software's ASE principles while AutoSoft, a provider of business software solutions for auto retailers, has released its new Traffic COP CRM service.

Web Analytics: Gaining Valuable Insights Without Spending a Bundle

More and more, cash-strapped but smart entrepreneurs are using inexpensive data-mining software to refine their websites, focus their email efforts and boost their profits.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Leading Senator Intends to Scrap E-Verify Employment Verification System
One senator, poised to lead the immigration reform debate on Capitol Hill, wants to scrap the government's E-Verify employment verification system and replace it with one that incorporates biometric identification.

Unions' Health Benefits May Avoid New Taxes

The US Senate proposal to impose taxes on so-called “gold-plated” health plans may exempt the generous employee benefits found in union contracts.

Health Risk Assessments: Can They Lower Your Company's Healthcare Costs?

More employers these days are asking their workers to take health risk assessments (HRA) as part of a strategy to lower costs, but the harsh truth is that most employees don’t bother to participate.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

ROI Marketing: Six In-Store Uses for Smartphones
Here are six ways for retailers to leverage their customers' smartphones while they are in the store.

Digital Marketing: The Trend Toward Individuated Media
The promise of New Media may soon be fulfilled. On the horizon are media that deliver only the content each consumer wants, connecting marketers with only those consumers who are interested in their products.