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Building Your Company Culture


Government, Politics and the Economy

Climate Bill Helps Utilities, Factories and Farms More Than Oil Companies

While the global warming bill passed by the US House sets up a cap-and-trade market for greenhouse gases, it also cushions the cost for power producers, manufacturers and farmers and limits aid to oil companies.

Obama: Hints at Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

President Obama shied away from any hot-button words in remarks last week on immigration reform, but he did hint at some kind of “amnesty” or “legal path” for illegal immigrants already in the US.

Management and Operations

Building Your Corporate Culture: Employees, Ethics, and Success
It may seem like an abstract concept, but the results of building a strong, ethical corporate culture can benefit your company in many concrete ways.

Intelligence Gathering: Never Cross the Line

When you gather competitive intelligence, you must do it in an ethical and reasonable way. These guidelines from provide a step-by-step way to acquire the information you need without crossing the line.

Legal Issues

Supreme Court Rules in Firefighter Discrimination Case

The US Supreme Court has ruled that white, New Haven, CT, firefighters were unfairly denied promotions because of their race. This ruling reverses yet another decision that high court nominee Sonia Sotomayor issued as an appeals court judge.

Supreme Court: National Banks Subject to State Fair Lending Laws

The US Supreme Court has ruled that National Banks are subject to the fair lending laws of the states in which they operate.

Taxes and Financial Issues

5 Layoff Alternatives

While it is true that laying off employees can save money in the short-term, it's not usually the most cost-effective answer to your business' money troubles. Here are five things you can do to cut your costs without cutting your staff.

Micro Lending: Both Talent and Money

Americans are bringing their entrepreneurial skills to small businesses in poor countries around the globe to help them thrive.

Technology Issues

System Mechanic 8.5 Business Edition
Sure, you shouldn't expect miracles, but this is a handy and inexpensive collection of system diagnostic and repair utilities and they will give your problem PCs a boost.

Cutting Travel Costs with Videoconferencing

A combination of technology advances and the recession are making videoconferencing a more popular choice than ever before for small businesses looking to save money.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Obama: Workers Can’t Dump Employer-Provided Insurance

President Obama addressed one of the top health policy concerns among employers, saying that employees would not be allowed to dump their job-based health coverage for a public plan, even if it were cheaper.

One Professor's View: H-1B Visas Exploit Workers and Encourage Discrimination

Computer science professor Norm Matloff says the US skilled-immigrant visa system exploits workers everywhere, making foreign workers into indentured servants and giving American companies an option to replace Americans with cheaper foreign labor.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Website for Holiday Season Success
How can you tune-up your website today to be ready for the annual holiday season? Here are some tips.

Direct Digital Marketing: 5 Steps to Achieving Relevance

There are five key steps to giving your direct digital marketing a relevance-centered approach. Learn what they are in this introduction.