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Grassley Tax Bill Would Help Small Business


Government, Politics and the Economy

Congress to Consider Consumer Financial Protection Bill

Legislation that would ‘level the playing field,’ as the Treasury says, is on its way to Congress in spite of opposition from financial institutions – the first of a number of new regulatory bills President Obama plans to send to Congress.

Making Sure Small Business Contracts go to Small Businesses

A proposed new law aims to keep big businesses from gobbling up procurement deals that should go to smaller firms.

Harvard's Feldstein: Economic Slump to Follow Temporary Rebound

According to Harvard economics professor Martin Feldstein, the US economy will grow for a few quarters and then contract again.

Management and Operations

Do You Foster a Culture of Greatness?
Do you have innovative, dedicated employees or are they fit for nothing better than mediocre drudgery? If you answered drudgery, the problem may be as much yours as theirs, a lack of the right guidance on moving from workplace survival to accomplishment.

Contract Workers vs. Full-time Employees

A growing amount of data shows that employers, wary of hiring full-time employees, are retaining their contract workers.

Legal Issues

Uncertainty After Supreme Court Employment Test Ruling

The Supreme Court's recent landmark employment-discrimination ruling seems likely to create uncertainty about when and what kinds of tests employers can give applicants for jobs or promotions.

Only One Good Reason Needed to Terminate

Some folks say that the more reasons you can dream up to fire an employee, the better. When it comes to fighting it out in court, that isn't usually the case. One good, defensible reason is all you need.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Grassley Introduces Tax Bill to Help Small Business

Noting that small businesses create 70% of all new jobs in the United States, Senator Chuck Grassley, ranking member of the United States Senate Committee on Finance, has introduced a bill he says will strengthen small businesses by lowering their tax burden.

What You Need for a Strong Loan App

While credit scores are still king when it comes to making a loan decision, today you need to prove that your business is sustainable, really viable. Here are some things you need to do.

Technology Issues

The Transit Connect: Ford's Next Great Idea?

The Ford Company is coming out with a 2010 vehicle that it calls the Transit Connect, a small business delivery van that gets 22 to 25 miles per gallon.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Wal-Mart Supports Obama's Employer Insurance Mandate

Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the world's largest retailer, said on Tuesday that it supports President Barack Obama's push to require large employers to offer health insurance to workers.

Lower healthcare costs and Increase the Quality of Care

President Obama, Congress and their supporters should take a lesson from state experimentation with healthcare reform. While some have been successful, others starkly demonstrate that more government control, top-down mandates and price controls do not work.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Behavioral Marketing: The Darkside of Random Chance Targeting
Today, using reach and frequency to get a message out to an audience is a nonstarter, as HabitatUK learned on Twitter.

Case Study: Make Your Email More Effective

Sometimes, all it takes is doing a little more for our email subscribers to make a big difference in their response.