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Is There a Small Business Bailout in the Works?


Government, Politics and the Economy

Will Small Business Get a Bailout Afterall?

The Obama Administration is considering a plan to use money from the $700 billion TARP program assist millions of small businesses, which officials now say are essential to any economic recovery because they employ so many people.

Employment Legislation: Two Ways to Get it Done
There are two bills making their way through Congress, and they illustrate the starkly different ways that important employment-related legislation is created in Washington.

Management and Operations

Cutting Costs the Right Way

Sometimes you need to cut away the fat, but do you know how? Here are some tips to help make your operations lean and mean.

Legal Issues

Blogging on Company Time and Off: What You Need to Know

Whether your employees blog at work or off the clock, you need a policy to protect your business from what might come out in their writings.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Finding VC Money: Perfect the Pitch

Venture capitalists offer advice on what they look for in a potential investment—and and entrepreneur's pitch—and what kills the deal for them.

Who Wins With the Minimum Wage Hike?

American hourly workers are about to get a federally-mandated raise, but with the recession in full swing, many are wondering if and how the economy will benefit.

California Businesses Ready to Fight for Their Money

Small business owners in California are planning layoffs and furloughs if they find themselves saddled with hard-to-redeem IOUs.

Technology Issues

Future is Cloudy for SOA Vendors

Both players and informed observers of the Web services and SOA market predict that cloud computing will force some SOA vendors out of business over the next year or so.

Put Your Company in Front of Your Customers with Conduit
Conduit's custom browser toolbar allows small businesses to keep their name in front of customers while providing them with a useful service that builds goodwill.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Small Business Ailing Under Healthcare Pressures

With rising healthcare costs, entrepreneurs are being pushed to the limit. To save money, some small business owners are changing or even eliminating coverage, while others are choosing not to go into business at all.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: A Case Study in Poor Email Copy
If you think big companies are better at effective email marketing, think again. This example from amusement park giant Six Flags will make you wonder.

Social Marketing: The Power of Social Media

People do business with people they like, know, trust and can rely on, a fact demonstrated in the surging popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which have allowed users to develop and enhance relationships.

Co-Branding: The Pros and Cons

A co-branding relationship can enhance both partners—or it can put a dent in one. Unless you make sure your partner is a good fit with your company's products, values, and image, you may be courting trouble.