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Stay in Business by Staying True to Your Vision


Government, Politics and the Economy

Recession Watch: Leading Indicators Rise

The index of US leading economic indicators rose in June for a third consecutive month, reinforcing other signs that the economy may be emerging from the worst recession in five decades.

Management and Operations

Stay With Your Vision or Maybe Lose Your Business

The fall of Dial-a-Matress shows how overexpansion, bringing in executives who don't understand the corporate culture and straying from your vision can all work to kill a company.

Delegating: Some Jobs You Just Need to do Yourself

Let's face the obvious. If you want to grow your business, you can't do everything yourself. That said, there are just some jobs you need to do yourself.

Legal Issues

Franchise Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

When a franchise company goes bankrupt, their independent franchise owner-operators face a perfect storm of legal and marketing challenges. Here is what you need to know.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Weak Start for ARC Loans

The SBA's ARC loan program is supposed to help viable small businesses survive the "immediate financial hardship" they are experiencing, but thus far it hardly seems up the task.

Rangel: Healthcare Reform Won't Harm Small Business

Countering arguments that small business will be hit with "job-killing" tax increases to pay for Democrats' healthcare reform, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) told CBS's "Face the Nation" that those assertions were misleading.

Technology Issues

SEO: Steer Clear of These Link Building Mistakes

When it comes to search engine optimization, building link relationships with other sites is very important. Here are five things to avoid when building your links.

Predictive Websites Know What Web Surfers Want

Emarketers are dissecting behavioral data from web surfers and using that information to create websites armed with predictive technology.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Labor Leaders: We Will Bring EFCA With Card Check Provision to a Vote
The Employee Free Choice Act, long a top priority of organized labor, has been stalled in Congress with support from moderate Senate Democrats tepid due to the controversial card check provisions.

Healthcare Reform: Growing Worry Among Businesses About New Burdens

More and more executives are expressing concern that the healthcare bills being pushed through Congress will do little to cut the cost of healthcare while placing onerous burdens on their businesses.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: Your Data is Your Life
To make your email efforts really pay off, you need to collect the best data you can. Begin with these best practices for customer data collection.

Smart Sales: Mindset and Tools
Suggestions on how you can generate sales leads both wisely and efficiently.

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