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Yellen: “First Solid Signs” of Economic Recovery

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Government, Politics and the Economy

Fed's Yellen: `First Solid Signs' of Emergence From U.S. Recession

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Janet Yellen has made a statement saying that the US economy is showing the “first solid signs” of emerging from the recession and that it should resume growth later this year.

Management and Operations

Start-Ups Take On Roommates to Cut Costs

The recession has prompted many small business owners to be creative in how they cut their expenses. One way more and more are considering is called "co-working," which is a cheaper and more flexible alternative to renting or buying space of their own.

Four Do's and Don'ts When Responding to Employee Rants

Discipline and termination meetings always carry the potential for nasty words, hurt feelings and legal troubles, but you need to be prepared for anything—including loud and lengthty rants. Following these four do’s and don’ts can help you to defuse these rants and avoid lawsuits.

Legal Issues

Stifle the Gossip
Gossip is rampant in many organizations, especially during these uncertain times, and it can cause a host of problems, legal and otherwise. Here are some specific steps you can take to cut it down and mitigate its worst effects.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Seeking Stimulus Cash: Managing the Frustration

Anyone who has gone after one can tell you, government contracts are very cumbersome. However, if you want to win one—along with the stimulus money that goes with it—you would be wise learn what's involved in submitting winning bids.

Technology Issues

5 Digital Sales Tools Every Salesperson Needs

Digital sales tools can help you leverage your business, but knowing which is best for you can be difficult. Here are five tools that can make your job easier and your performance better.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Develop Employee Engagement
The economy may have you feeling caught between a rock and hard place, but with careful attention to positioning individuals and teams to succeed, you will not only weather the storm, but also to emerge from the downturn in a stronger competitive position.

NFIB: One-Third of Small Business Would be Hurt by Tax Surcharge

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, the proposed income tax surcharge on high-income Americans to help fund an overhaul of the healthcare system could hurt one-third of all American small businesses.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Media Buying: Self-Serve Online Ad Purchases
Do you practice do-it-yourself online ad buying? If so, you should check out this extensive list of solutions.

Four Ways to Stay Booked Solid

You have seen how every airplane flight you board is completely full, and others are so overbooked that they start asking for volunteers to change flights. Do you want that kind of rock solid booking for your business? Here are four ways to do it.

Marketing to Todays 65+ Set

Don't call them elderly! The older generation don't see themselves that way and if you want your ads to work with them, neither should you.