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Washington Looks to Small Business to Lead Recovery


Government, Politics and the Economy

Small Business Owners See Signs of Hope

Surveys are showing that the owners of small companies do believe that the economy is starting to turn around. However, they are not ready to start spending yet.

Washington Sees Small Business as Instrumental to Recovery

According to SBA head Karen Mills, Washington is looking to small businesses to lead the economic recovery.

Management and Operations

Are Women Better Managers?

According to one New York Times column, they are. But anyone who has worked for a fair assortment of men and women over the years will tell you it’s hard to make a flat statement that one sex is clearly better at managing and leading than the other.

Three Great Leadership Traits That can Kill Employee Commitment
Sure, strategic vision, supreme confidence and top-notch communication skills are all necessary for an effective business leader, but uncontrolled, they can be toxic to employee commitment. Here is how.

Legal Issues

Know the Law Before Searching the Web for Applicant Info

More and more employers believe that if job applicant information is available online, they have an obligation to look. However, several laws may restrict the way you conduct the search or how you use the information.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Small Retailers Limiting Stock Over Credit Concerns

The back-to-school season is usually right behind Christmas in terms of retail-sales, but this year, tight credit has made it difficult for some small businesses to stock their full range of merchandise.

Technology Issues

Virtual Office for Small Business by 5050BIZ
5050BIZ has released a new, all-in-one Web platform that melds collaboration, intranet, communication, social community and other tools into a single site.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

401(k) Fee Disclosure Law

Legislation approved by the House Education and Labor Committee gives employees in 401(k) plans more specific information on their quarterly statements about the fees they pay while other changes could help employers choose among retirement-plan providers.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Online Marketing: 10 Ways to Build Media and Engagement Plans
Creating an online ad is one thing, creating an effective online ad is something else. Here are 10 approaches for creating online ads that will engage people with your brand.

The 10 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes

You want your direct mail campaign to be a success, so it’s important to get it right. Mistakes in your copy, your list, or even in what you put on your envelope can sabotage your efforts. Here are the top ten mistakes people make with their direct mail campaigns.

In-Store Sampling Connected with Repeat Purchases
According to a new study, in-store sampling has a long-term effect in addition to being a boost to short-term sales.

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