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Obama's Small Business Promises: Kept and Broken

Government, Politics and the Economy

Obama: Small Business Promises Kept and Broken

President Obama promised to help Main Street where, but has he kept that promise? Here's a look at where he's followed through -- and where he hasn't.

Survey Suggests Recession to End This Quarter

With recent data suggesting that the recession has bottomed-out, the Blue Chip Economic Indicators survey of private economists showed about 90% of the respondents believe the recession will be declared over this quarter.

Management and Operations

Your Power to Lead

The power behind real leadership is a paradox, one that both sets you apart from others and draws you to them, a power to inspire, engage, and serve others; to make a real difference in a team, an organization, a community, and even the world.

Legal Issues

Denying ERISA Benefits Just Got Easier

Thanks to a federal appeals court, it is now more difficult for employees to challenge your decision to deny a benefit covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Taxes and Financial Issues

Study: Credit Card Debt Hurts Startups

A new study of 5,000 small firms indicates that those that relied on credit cards to get going are less likely to survive.

Six Ways to Win-over Investors

If you are turning to venture capital for funding, you know that the competition is fierce. Here are six tips on how you can stand out and appeal to investors.

Technology Issues

Twitter Attack Shows Vulnerability of Social Networks

The denial-of-service attacks that shut down Twitter and disrupted Facebook and LiveJournal were intended to silence an anti-Russian blogger. However, they highlighted the fragility of social networks.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Small Biz Health Insurance: The Practice of Purging

A small business may have been with the same insurance company for years, but when a worker becomes gravely ill, more and more of those insurance providers wind up dumping the company, and that is a practice that healthcare reform may not address.

Exempt, Non-Exempt? Learn all About Overtime Exemptions From Classic TV
The best way to explain exempt versus nonexempt rules is by pointing to specific employees and then describing exactly what about their jobs requires them to be paid salary or overtime. The problem is common frames of reference. The answer, of course, is television.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Email Marketing: Selling Ads in E-Newsletters
If you want to sell ads on an Email newsletter, you need to understand that it is a different animal from selling ads for print publications. Here are some keys to success.

Color in Your Personal Brand

In branding, color helps express attributes and create emotional connections with your audience.

Online Marketing: Active Home Internet Users

Effective marketing means knowing your demographics, who your audience is, where they are and so on. For online marketers, that means knowing who is online.

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