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Stay Afloat by Going Green

Government, Politics and the Economy

Congress Urged to Raise Debt Limit

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has saddled Congress with the task—for the second time this year—of quickly increasing the maximum amount of money the federal government can borrow, something increasingly unpopular with the American people.

Management and Operations

Are Your Employees Ever Really Off?
n the age of online social networking, when the goings-on in your business tweeted or written on Facebook walls, the after-hours activities of your employees may count as much as what they're doing "on-the-job."

Staying Afloat by Going Green

With the products they sell, small businesses have been at the forefront of the environmental revolution, but now they are turning into eco-friendly operations specifically to cut waste and save money.

Overcoming the Unexpected to Build a Business of Your Own

When building your business, sometimes all the careful planning in the world is simply not enough to overcome the unexpected.

5 Steps to a Solid Niche Business

Niche products and services have the potential to generate big bucks if they capture the hearts, minds and wallets of a dedicated consumer base, which is, after all, the trick. Here are 5 steps to make your niche business a hit.

Legal Issues

Pennsylvania District Attorney on Fraud and other Economic Crimes Against Small Business

In May, the Delaware County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office presented their first business security seminar for small business people after an increase in the number of embezzlements and other financial crimes the prosecutors have recently seen.

Taxes and Financial Issues

The Price and Profit of Giving It Away

With the economy in deep recession, free goods and services online are more attractive than ever. The question is how can the suppliers of these freebies make a business model out of nothing?

Technology Issues

Customer Data Analysis: Integrating Web Analytics and Optimization
Here are four factors to consider when integrating web analytics and SEO into your business.

Stimulus Money to Grow Rural Broadband Internet

Businesses in rural America have been stuck in the dial-up era for a long time, but a $7 billion stimulus program aims to change that.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

On Pensions, Sotomayor Expected to Stay Mainstream
According to ERISA attorneys, newly confirmed associate Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor isn’t expected to shatter precedent with her rulings on high court pension cases.

Obama to Push Healthcare Plan in New Hampshire Town Hall

After other Democrats were confronted by angry protesters across the country, President Obama will face voters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to push his plan to overhaul the US healthcare system during a town hall today.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

Social Media: Eroding Advertising Barriers
Forecasters say social network ad spending doesn't look very good, but here are some reasons why these sites should be grabbing your attention as an advertiser anyway.

Getting Customer Reviews...and Using Them

There are many ways to leverage happy customers in a way that achieves your business goals, but one of the most straightforward ways is with customer reviews and the information you can glean from them.

Working to Make That First Sale

It's finally happened: You've gone into business for yourself. Once your shingle is up, you are faced with the first real milestone: Landing your first customer.


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