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Poor Sales Leading to Small Business Closures

Government, Politics and the Economy

Survey: Poor Sales Lead to Business Closings

According to a recent NFIB survey, poor sales are the number-one problem afflicting America's small businesses. Moreover, few small business owners expect consumers to start spending again any time soon.

Fed to Keep Rates Steady and Slow Bond Purchases

The Federal Reserve is holding interest rates steady and intends to "slow the pace" of its emergency bond-buying program.

Management and Operations

Just Survive or Come Out On Top? Your Choice
Here are the hows and whys that will teach you why the right workforce management means the difference between surviving the recession and reaping big rewards in the recovery.

Can We S.A.V.E. Customer Service?

Sure, it's tempting to think that customer service in America is irrevocably broken, but here is one plan that may breathe new life into it.

Legal Issues

4 Defenses Against Employee Disloyalty

Many states recognize that employees owe a certain level of duty to their employers, but the North Carolina Supreme Court has specifically rejected any independent liability for breaching such duty. So, how do you defend your business against taitors?

Things to Know If Immigration Knocks at Your Door

AlphaStaff's Aleicia Latimer has some advice for all small business people on avoiding immigration audits—not to mention lawsuits—and what to do if immigration officers do pay a visit.

Taxes and Financial Issues

Small Business and Big Stimulus Money

Hard hit by the recession, small businesses are eager to win the government as a new customer and now, five months after the recovery bill's passage, opportunities abound.

Technology Issues

Microsoft Backs Out of Free Small Business Domain Promise

Microsoft Corp. will no longer offer free domain renewals to small business as part of Office Live. Instead, they plan on charging what they call a “competitive” price.

Health, Benefits and Labor Issues

Obama: Healthcare Debate Must Avoid `Scare Tactics'

President Obama, running into angry protests and slumping public approval over his health reform plan, urged Americans to ignore opposition “scare tactics”.

Branding, Sales and Marketing

E-Marketing Strategies: Time to Think in the Long-Term
With the recession, many businesses have put their long-term brand-building plans on hold, but now may be the time to return to them.

Use Small Sales to Get Rolling

People often see risk in dealing with a new, small business, particularly when there is a lot of money involved. One way to overcome that is to take small steps to get customers to trust you and the quality of your products and services.

Email Marketing: Increase Your Holiday Email Frequency
Here are some tactics you can use to improve your holiday email strategy and increase your mailing frequency, all without losing subscribers.

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