Small Business Brief for 12/01

Politics and Government

Bush: "I'm Sorry" for the Economic Crisis
WASHINGTON (AP) - President George W. Bush expressed remorse that the global financial crisis has cost jobs and harmed retirement accounts and said he'll back more government intervention if needed to ease the recession.

Bernanke: Better Non-bank Failure Framework Necessary
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Monday that further interest-rate cuts are "certainly feasible," but he warned there are limits to how much such action would revive the economy.

Paulson: Other Rescue Programs Being Examined
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says the administration is looking for more ways to tap a $700 billion rescue program and will consult with both Congress and the incoming Obama administration.

Economics and Labor Issues

Recession Vs Depression: What's the Difference?
Is it a recession or a depression? Here is how to tell the two apart.

Obama, Democrats Plan $500 Billion Economic Package
WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressional Democrats and President-elect Barack Obama are laying the groundwork for quick enactment in January of a giant, two-year economic rescue package that will total about a half-trillion dollars.

Law and Regulation Enforcement

Paralyzed California Man Loses High Court Appeal
WASHINGTON (AP) - A paralyzed man who has sued hundreds of businesses over accommodations for the disabled lost his Supreme Court appeal Monday to get out from under a court order requiring special permission to file new lawsuits.

Changes to LLC Tax Rules
Single member/single owner limited liability companies that have not elected to be treated as corporations may be required to change how they report wages and pay federal employment taxes in 2009.

IRS: New 2009 Standard Mileage Rates
Beginning Jan. 1, 2009, the standard mileage rates for cars, vans, pickups and panel trucks will be: 55 cents per mile for business, 24 cents per mile for medical or moving purposes and 14 cents per mile in service of charitable organizations.

Doing Business

Entrepreneurial Background Helps Exec Serve Small Business
Rochelle Boersma, vice president of Midwest operations at U.S. Cellular, says early life experience with her entrepreneurial father has served her well as she works with small businesses.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing in a Troubled Economy
Understanding the intent of your website visitors is key.


Handling Email Mishaps
Everyone makes mistakes, even with email, but what should you do when you hit send just as you see there is no subject line? We have some ideas to help you.


Online Ad Exposure = Increased Brand Impact
Five ways to support online display advertising.