Tax Cuts Coming Despite the Economy

Government and Economy

Slow Economy Won't Stop Tax Cuts
A top adviser to President-elect Barack Obama said Sunday that the country's slowing economy won't keep the new administration from fulfilling its plans for a middle-class tax cut.

Fallout After Dismal Holiday Season
As an online toy seller filing for bankruptcy, other stores are expected to follow suit, meaning more empty storefronts and fewer brands on the shelves.

Famous Last Words of 2008's Financial Crisis
Few could have predicted the financial tsunami that hit the U.S. economy in the latter part of this year, but a handful of powerful men should have at least had an inkling.

Management and Financial Issues

Surviving a Cash-Flow Crisis

If you see a crunch coming, barter, liquidate inventory, ask clients for advance payments, and renegotiate vendor relationships—and those are just for starters.

When Partnerships Go Bad: 5 Ways to Take Command

If you're in a business partnership or a longstanding working relationship that isn't working, ask yourself these questions. Then, if you need to change or end the partnership, follow these five steps.

Technology Issues

Making Your Way to a Paperless Office
Bill Brikiatis of eCopy, a document-imaging software firm, offers his guidance.

Video Content: Lessons Learned in 2008
Three tips for developing online video content for brands

Benefits and Labor Issues

ADA Litigants: Victims, Crusaders or Opportunists?
Some are legitimate, people with real problems, while many others—habitual filers, some of whom have as many as 1,000 separate lawsuits—are opportunists. Either way, merited or not, small business owners often settle out of court rather than spend money defending such cases, while some of those who cannot afford to costs have just closed up shop.

Sales and Marketing

Creative Measures in Tough Times

When the going gets tough, resilient working women get creative. Meet four such women who fit the bill and break the mold.

The Constant Power of TV
Even in bad economic times, television still has the power to provide advertisers with mass audiences.

Brand Accretion

Marketing is an investment, not an expense. Still, it's one thing to invest in marketing when times are good, and another to continue spending at a steady clip when things go bad. However, before cutting your budget or rush headlong into an all-new approach, consider brand accretion.