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Small Biz Tip: Blogs: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tips from March 18, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss SEO (search engine optimization) for blogs.

  1. Keep your content fresh. The easiest tip for SEO is to have great content that will get you found without much promoting. The quality of your work and original content will get you found on the top search engines.
  2. Keywords - Important words that people will search for search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, are important when creating your blog post. Keywords should be in your title, subtitle, URL, and tags.
  3. Posting links to your blog in outside sources provides links back to your website. Unfortunately, this could also be labeled as spam if done incorrectly. Keep posting your blogs on comments to other blogs in your industry, or those that you know personally and professionally. Don't get too carried away, you could ruin your reputation.
  4. Social media provides a great way to provide a link for others outside your community, industry, or readership to read your blog. Twitter is a way to direct people back to you. Provide links to your content, and your name and brand will act as a platform.

Daily Overview: SEO helps your blog get found on the internet and moves your ranking up. Keep these tips in mind to build your blog exposure through SEO.

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