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Small Biz Tip: Opening a Cold Call

Tips from August 25, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss how to open a cold call.

  1. When initiating the cold call, greet the person and introduce yourself. Be friendly, courteous and confident. Ask if they can help you or direct you to who can.
  2. When reaching who you need to talk to, introduce yourself again. If someone transferred you, reference that person. Don't roll into your pitch right away.
  3. Don't give the people you're calling the chance to end the conversation. Don't ask "Is this a good time to talk?"; "How are you today?" Yes or no questions give opportunity to say no. Ask questions that illicit more discussion.
  4. Greet your target, introduce yourself, give a brief overview about the product or service and then transition to questions that will begin the dialogue to a more targeted pitch.

Daily Overview: Don't give your prospects a chance to stop you short. Be friendly & open with courage!