A Jump Start for Stalled Small Business Lenders

Management and Operations Marketing Lowdown: Five Steps To Better Retail Displays A recent poll asked average Americans which of their five senses they would least be willing to lose. The result? Overwhelmingly, the eyes have it. But before we can learn anything with our eyes, we must be interested enough to look. Our attention must be captured. ManageSmarter.com Management and OperationsManaging the Direct Marketing Supply ChainA direct marketing offer can reach its potential customers through print mailings, e-mail blasts, Website offerings, television advertising, Internet... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Cold Calling Scripts

Tips from August 26, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to write cold calling scripts. A script should have basic info to guide you through your sales pitch, how to open, close, body and info about your product. Most of the script should include information about the product and answers to potential questions the consumer might have. Use bulleted items as talking points. It allows creativity and freedom for a fluid conversation with the important points included. DO NOT READ THE SCRIPT! Reading makes it sound like you're reading: boring. You need to be more conversational. Daily Overview: A script is meant to be an outline, not a novel. Do not read, instead have a conversation! [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Opening a Cold Call

Tips from August 25, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to open a cold call. When initiating the cold call, greet the person and introduce yourself. Be friendly, courteous and confident. Ask if they can help you or direct you to who can. When reaching who you need to talk to, introduce yourself again. If someone transferred you, reference that person. Don't roll into your pitch right away. Don't give the people you're calling the chance to end the conversation. Don't ask "Is this a good time to talk?"; "How are you today?" Yes or no questions give opportunity to say no. Ask questions that illicit more discussion. Greet your target, introduce yourself, give a brief overview about the product or service and then transition to questions that will begin the dialogue to a more targeted pitch. Daily Overview: Don't give your prospects a chance to stop you short. Be friendly & open with courage! [Read Full Article]