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Small Biz Tip: Common Mistakes: SEO

Tips from February 2, 2010

The Small Business tips today discuss common SEO mistakes.

  1. Duplicating Content: Your content is plagiarized, and not original. You lose the optimization of the words on your website if they are not original.
  2. Poor Design & Usability: Broken links are killers for SEO. Come up with a creative, yet useful design that your visitors will be able to navigate.
  3. Same Meta Description on Each Page: To the SEO world, your websites have the same content. Your meta description should be specific and unique to every page.
  4. Over-stuffing Keywords: You are essentially spamming your own website, as it becomes unreadable in SEO terms. This could get you blocked/banned from some search engines or sites, such as Google.

Daily Overview: Trying to manipulate SEO to get your website better rankings leads to many mistakes and poor rankings. Avoid this by having a knowledge of the SEO world, track your website, and fixing keywords and meta tags.

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