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Small Biz Tip: Holiday Marketing: Sales Strategies

Tips from November 12, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss different sales strategies for marketing for the holidays.

  1. Have a "12 Days of Your Company/Product/Savings." Each day change the promotion, gift, or sale. Keep your customers coming back each day.
  2. Have overstock? A complimentary gift of extra products for customers spending a certain amount of money will help balance out your stock room.
  3. Advertise new techniques, products, or services via social media. Upload coupons on your Facebook Fan page or Tweet out links to these deals.
  4. Do good for others during the holidays: offer a dollar off a product if customers bring in an item to donate to a local food pantry to help the hungry.

Daily Overview: Let your customers feel like they're important and allow them to get more for their money while helping others at the same time.