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Small Biz Tip: Employment : Following Up After an Interview

Tips from Friday, March 27, 2009

The Small Business tips today will tell you the best follow-up steps to follow after an interview.

  1. The minute you get home, write a thank you letter and talk about your interview, stamp it and put it in the mail.
  2. If you asked for a date they would follow-up with you, wait one additional day to call them if they don’t.
  3. Call to follow-up. Ask how the interview process has been going. Express your interest and excitement again.
  4. Do not call more than twice. More than that and you’ll appear over-eager and come across as an annoyance.

Daily Overview: After your job interview write a thank you letter, then wait before you call to follow-up but don’t badger.

Small businesses are what this nation was built from and are what will save our economy. You’ll likely end up working for one of them. So when you get this new job, show them what we offer here at America’s Best Companies and they’ll be sure to thank you!

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