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Small Biz Tip: Media Coverage: Writing a clear and concise message

Tips from August 18, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss Media Coverage: Writing a clear and concise message

  1. Look at the big picture: identify the main goal of having your message in the media. Sales goal, event, new product. Clearly state your overall goal.
  2. Call to action: the reader should finish your story compelled to do something. Come to your store, event, or buy your new product. 
  3. Vital evidence: whether it is a single fact or a narrative story that will command emotion from the reader. It must be evident that your overall goal is significant.
  4. One sentence: your message may be long or short but the reader/journalist is captured by the first sentence. Intrigue the viewers with strong key words. Refer to the previous blog of what is newsworthy.

Daily Overview: Identify your overall goal, create a call to action, include vital evidence, and make your point in one sentence.