Small Biz Tip: Negative Feedback

Tips originally broadcast on November 25, 2008

The Small Business tips today will be about handling negative feedback.

Preface: 1st be honest, we can't please everyone & sometimes we mess up. We desire feedback though so that we can improve our business.

  1. Apologize. Your customer is disappointed in your business, regardless of the reason. Let them know that they matter.
  2. Acknowledge and respond ASAP in the space feedback was given. If done "publicly" only take it private or remove if outright hostile.
  3. Fix it. Get right to the point. If their complaint is policy, saying so doesn't fix it. How can you help make it right?
  4. Try to find something constructive in the feedback. Make changes to your practices if they'll help but don't feel obligated.

Daily Overview: Be transparent, listen, act quickly, fix it & in the end respect their opinion. These steps speak volumes.