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Want to Run Your Business Blog Into the Ground?

Business blogs are great. Not only do consumers get information on company's marketing campaigns, successes, and industry news, but also insight on the company itself. Blogs used correctly will draw people in, and create a great business-customer relationship. Those blogs which fail at creating this relationship and are used incorrectly could prove detrimental to your business. There are a few simple things that your business blog can do stop your blog up for business failure. Do you want to run your business into the ground? Don't Include RSS Feeds "Who cares about making it convenient for those who are following you? If they want to find your blog, they will. What's the use for an RSS feed?" RSS feeds are a great way for your loyal readers to receive updates immediately each time your blog is updated. These people could include employees, customers, potential customers, competitors, or random people on the internet looking to gain in... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Management: Effective Coaching

Tips from October 7, 2009 The Small Business tips today will discuss how to effectively coach your employees. Present yourself as a leader. Mentor your employees and guide them on the right career path. Communicate your expectations. Explicitly say what you want employees to do, outline the steps, and provide guidance. Give employees time to prepare questions or concerns they have about your expectations. Get them involved in the process. Ask for feedback. Find out what you're doing right, wrong, and how you can change to be a better coach. Daily Overview: Coach as a leader, and encourage employees to form a team bond. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Management: Producing Happiness

Tips from October 6, 2009 The Small Business tips today cover working towards a happy workplace. Engage your employees. Reiterate your goals and have them working hard to get involved and participate. Encourage productivity and offer rewards by giving hard workers breaks: they deserve it! Ask for feedback. What keeps employees motivated? Engaged? Energized? Incorporate their suggestions Make sure employees Say, Stay, Strive. Say good things; intend to Stay at your biz; Strive to give 100%. Daily Overview: A good environment leads to happiness, which in turn will lead to productivity & satisfaction. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Money Management: Take a Step Back and Readjust

Tips from June 30, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about taking a step back and readjusting how you manage your business. If things are slow, change your look and feel about your business.  Keep your business updated with current times and trends to catch potential customers' eyes. Ask for feedback from customers about what can be done to update your business.  Loyal customers can give a great response as they are dedicated to your business. Recalculate your budget.  Some of the money you thought was a good idea to spend in one area may be better in another.  If needed, write up a modified budget and think about how you can save. Keep track of your office supplies.  Take inventory and cut back on your overstocked supplies and focus your money on purchasing the essential ones. ABC members have discounts on thousands of products at Staples. Go to [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Negative Feedback

Tips originally broadcast on November 25, 2008 The Small Business tips today will be about handling negative feedback. Preface: 1st be honest, we can't please everyone & sometimes we mess up. We desire feedback though so that we can improve our business. Apologize. Your customer is disappointed in your business, regardless of the reason. Let them know that they matter. Acknowledge and respond ASAP in the space feedback was given. If done "publicly" only take it private or remove if outright hostile. Fix it. Get right to the point. If their complaint is policy, saying so doesn't fix it. How can you help make it right? Try to find something constructive in the feedback. Make changes to your practices if they'll help but don't feel obligated. Daily Overview: Be transparent, listen, act quickly, fix it & in the end respect their opinion. These steps speak volumes. [Read Full Article]

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