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Small Biz Tip: Nonverbal Communication: Body Language

Tips from September 17, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss nonverbal communication by your body language.

  1. SMILE! A smile welcomes people to approach you, as well as show that you are friendly and eager to be at work.
  2. Crossing your arms is a defense mechanism & signals you are protecting & hiding yourself. Keep your arms at your side to greet.
  3. Know how to properly shake hands. Smile, make eye contact, meet hands in the middle, have a firm grip, & be confident.
  4. Have proper hygiene. Make sure you are clean before work and look presentable. Keep in mind: you are representing a business.

Daily Overview: Body language is the silent language. You say just as much in how you act as you say with your words! Pay attention.

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