Small Biz Tip: Nonverbal Communication: Body Language

Tips from September 17, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss nonverbal communication by your body language. SMILE! A smile welcomes people to approach you, as well as show that you are friendly and eager to be at work. Crossing your arms is a defense mechanism & signals you are protecting & hiding yourself. Keep your arms at your side to greet. Know how to properly shake hands. Smile, make eye contact, meet hands in the middle, have a firm grip, & be confident. Have proper hygiene. Make sure you are clean before work and look presentable. Keep in mind: you are representing a business. Daily Overview: Body language is the silent language. You say just as much in how you act as you say with your words! Pay attention. [Read Full Article]

Going International? Learn the Language

With the reach that the Internet can give your business into foreign markets, there is great opportunity to grow and prosper. There is also a real chance that your business efforts overseas could run into some real snags, especially when it comes to your overseas marketing efforts. Bad Translations at Work We have all heard the apocryphal—and completely debunked—tale of the disastrous Central and South American introduction of the Chevy Nova (no va, in Spanish, means “won’t go”). If that one, however, is untrue, there are others that have actually taken place. Some of these include: Coca-Cola: Bite the Wax Tadpole Back in 1928, when Coke first entered the Chinese market, they had to choose 4 Chinese characters to represent the sounds Ko Ka Ko La. The problem was that they pursued this phonetic needle in the haystack of Chinese characters with no regard to what the characters they finally chos... [Read Full Article]