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Small Biz Tip: Target Audiences: Men

Tips from December 3, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss men as a target audience.

  1. Let's face it: men aren't the biggest fans of shopping. To cater to them, it is important to have your product out and displayed so they can get in, purchase, and get out quickly. 
  2. Men are drawn to engaging content. It used to be simple with a targeted ad during a football game, but now it needs to be even more specific. Sports are a good place to start, as well as technology, news, and the Internet. 
  3. Men are not as loyal to brands as they are to features, benefits, convenience, value, customer reviews, and industry ratings. They are hard to tackle to stick to one brand - so produce an excellent product for a great review and rating.
  4. Technology is the way to connect with men as most of them are active online. Try side banner ads on popular sports sites, or Google ads.

Daily Overview: Men are simple: cater to what they are looking for and the amount of work they're willing to do to get an item, and you will gain a customer.