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Small Biz Tip: How to Write a Press Release

Small Biz Tip: How to Write a Press Release

Tips from July 20, 2009

The Small Business tips today discuss how to write a press release.

  1. Place contact info in the top right corner: name, position, phone number, email address. Under, write "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE."
  2. Don't say your business name in the title or opening paragraph. Get attention with relevant, interesting, or unique information.
  3. Use quotes & statistics from accurate sources to to back up your headline, opening statement & title. Keep paragraphs short.
  4. Include a boilerplate: summary information about your business at the end of the press release. Include "###" to mark the end.

Daily Overview: Following a specific format will help your press release reach more of an audience and convey great information.

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