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Don't Market to Generation Y

Sometimes known as the Millennials, Connecteds and Unreachables, Generation Y is compromised of individuals in their 20s and younger, or born in 1982 or later. They are an important generation to understand because they are comprised of 71 million Americans who spend over 200 billion dollars annually. They're taking over the Baby Boomers as the largest percentage of the working world. Gen Yers are hard to reach as a whole, yet one of the largest markets to make purchases. The best way to market to Generation Y is to not market to them, instead, establish a connection.As a Gen Yer, I can tell you that we are a very unique group to understand, and an even more complicated group to know how to market to. Gen Yers are a product of Baby Boomers, and we were raised in a different way than any other generation. Baby Boomers raised us to be optimistic, live our lives first and work second, and that we can do and be anything we want to. Ta... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Networking: Different Styles

Tips from October 27, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss different styles of networking. Family will give you more personal and honest recommendations than others. Ask them to recommend and talk you up whenever they can. Your friends may be the first to say "hey I know someone who does that.." Share with them what you do, offer discounts through them. B2B: Networking is reciprocal. Each biz needs the connection and each will work to build a professional relationship. Have a social media presence that's honest, transparent and active. Communicate and share yourself openly. Daily Overview: You need to network with different people in different ways. Be sure to tailor your approach to your audience at the time. [Read Full Article]

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