SBA Lenders Pulling Back from Small Businesses

  Government and Economy Top SBA Lenders Dropping Small Business Loans As new government programs are poised to inject more liquidity into the credit market, several of the SBA's most active lenders have sharply reduced their loan volume, refusing new applications or lowering volume to a trickle. Business Forward: A Liberal Business Group High-powered Democratic consultants, well-connected with the Obama Administration, are recruiting for a new trade group called “Business Forward.” They are doing this to drum-up support for Obama's program... [Read Full Article]

Obama Takes a Fresh Look at Small Business

  Government and Economy Obama Takes a Fresh Look at Small Business After much criticism, the Obama administration is taking another look at its stimulus plan for small businesses and is expected to announce changes to the plan directly targeting small business lending and community banks. Texas Governor Rejects Stimulus Funds for Unemployment Framing his decision as a stand for state sovereignty, Governor Rick Perry said Washington politicians are trying to push their values on Texas. "Again and again, we hear the purpose of the federal stimulus legislation is to create jobs,” he said, “but this portion will ac... [Read Full Article]

Small Business May be Exempted From Card Check Rules

  Government and Economy Can Small Businesses be Exempted from Card Check Unionization? While small business groups are readying their opposition to new card check legislation, many are hopeful that after compromise negotiations in Congress, small business will be exempt. Local Economies Seeking Their Own Stimulus Cities, counties and states across the nation are launching home-grown economic-stimulus plans aimed at spurring local spending and keeping small businesses afloat during the recession. [Read Full Article]

Zero Sum Game: Taxes Will Go Down as Energy Costs Will Go Up

  Government and Economy Obama: Economic Radicalism It's becoming self-evident that the ongoing Wall Street decline and growing fears among small business owners stem, at least in part, from the realization that President Obama's policies are really meant to radically alter the US economy, as opposed to merely mitigating the financial crisis. Coming Tax Breaks May be Funded by Higher Energy Costs President Obama is promising to return auction money to Americans, via a tax cut he proposed on the campaign trail, a move called "sleight of hand," since people were counting on a tax cut in any event and now early cap-and-trade... [Read Full Article]