Obama Takes a Fresh Look at Small Business


Government and Economy

Obama Takes a Fresh Look at Small Business

After much criticism, the Obama administration is taking another look at its stimulus plan for small businesses and is expected to announce changes to the plan directly targeting small business lending and community banks. Allbusiness.com

Texas Governor Rejects Stimulus Funds for Unemployment

Framing his decision as a stand for state sovereignty, Governor Rick Perry said Washington politicians are trying to push their values on Texas. "Again and again, we hear the purpose of the federal stimulus legislation is to create jobs,” he said, “but this portion will actually slow job creation." McClatchydc.com

Small Business Pessimism Growing

California small-business owners are growing increasingly pessimistic about the economy, reporting in a new survey conducted by Union Bank of California that they plan to cut spending and jobs this year. RecordNet.com

Management and Financial Issues

Hiring Outsiders can be Risky

According to new Wharton research, many companies hire skilled, experienced workers to improve productivity quickly, but those workers often bring baggage from prior jobs that can negate the benefits of their prior experience. Knowledge@Wharton

Technology Issues

The No-drama Software Upgrade
In tough economic times, when you upgrade enterprise application software, there is no room for budget overruns or the disruption to business operations. An end-user management solution can help. Find out how. TechnologyEvaluation.com

Twitter Etiquette

Twitter might be new, but just like Facebook and Myspace, it operates by its own rules. Before you tweet, or even if you have already, this article from Joel Comm, author of the new book Twitter Power will help you. BusinessKnowHow.com

Attack of the Computer Zombies

Spybots, botnets and malware - it sounds like something out of a bad Sci-Fi movie. But those are the tools that cyber criminals use to take over the computers of unsuspecting businesses and individuals. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself. BusinessKnowHow.com

Benefits and Labor Issues

Employer Input Sought on New Healthcare System

Sen. Max Baucus says he wants to build on the current employment-based system and is appealing to business to help draft a play-or-pay system that moves the US closer to universal healthcare coverage. Workforce.com

Sales and Marketing

Customer Service: Winning in an Uncertain Economy
Companies that build customer loyalty through exceptional service are finding themselves insulated against an uncertain economy. TechnologyEvaluation.com

Building Your E-commerce Team
Sears Canada's Simon Rodrigue describes how to build a successful e-commerce team. ClickZ.com

Learning to Talk to Customers
The Brand Monologue is over. Successful brands will be those that learn how to talk with consumers. ManageSmarter.com