Small Biz Tip: Generation Y: Marketing via Incentives, Instant Gratification, & Innovation

Tips from January 29, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss marketing to Generation Y via incentives, instant gratification, & innovative new products. Generation Y is a big fan of free gifts or free trials. They are open to try new things, especially if they are free. Gen Yers don't appreciate or value the dollar, but they are big fans of free products. New products that help Gen Yers interact, organize, & stay connected are hot items. In fact, Gen Yers expect and appreciate products that will work to their advantage. Gen Yers appreciate & will take part in incentive deals. Buy one get one half off deals catch their eye. With little careful spending habits, Gen Yers will actually purchase more to receive savings. Impulse purchasing is a frequent habit of Generation Y. Instead of going to the store knowing what they need or want, Gen Yers will browse and impulsively buy something they did not necessarily need.... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Customer Service: Building Customer Loyalty

Tips from October 12, 2009 The Small Business tips today are about building customer loyalty. Communicate with your customers to see what they need/want. Exceed their expectations to make them come back. Offer coupons and incentives for customers on their next purchase to ensure they return to your business. Create a customer loyalty program. After so many purchases, offer a freebie. Offer rewards for referrals to your business. Personalize! Get to know your customers. It will bring them back to your biz because you know them. Daily Overview: Creating a loyal customer brings people back to your store, constantly increasing your business. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Management: Boosting Morale

Tips from October 8, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to boost morale. Do something good for your business and for a good cause! Run a charity race as a company; donate time and money. Help out! Provide incentives for good work. They could be something simple as dressing casual to extravagant as trips, days off, or a raise. Boost morale through team building strategies. Try a role reversal: switch employee and management roles for the day. Company outings will get employee minds off work & encourage fun outside the office. Daily Overview: Be helpful, encouraging, and creative to give morale the boost it needs. [Read Full Article]

Incentives: Making the Most of High Gas Prices

Leave it to American business to take a problem, such as the high gasoline prices that plague drivers today, and turn it into an opportunity. By turning gasoline into a purchase incentive for cars and hotel stays, these businesses are showing that even in bleak economic times, there are ways to do well by doing good for their customers.   Automotive Incentives Concerned that high gasoline prices will translate into lower automobile sales, both Suzuki and Chrysler, as well as private dealers around the country, are offering gasoline as an incentive to bring customers through the door.   Suzuki and Chrysler: Examples from the Manufacturers Since 2006, Suzuki has been offering either a $25 or a $50 gas card to customers who test drive their vehicles. This year, they have a promotion running through June 30th that gives a VISA debit card with $320 to $470 on it (depending on the model) for buyers of new 2008 and... [Read Full Article]