Lesson in Leadership: How to Make a Difference

  Government, Politics and the Economy Obama Supports Bank Fees for Risk and Wealth Surtax for Healthcare President Obama signaled his support for a proposal to impose fees on some of the nation’s largest financial firms to cover losses from risky transactions and avert another market meltdown. He also said that a surtax on the wealthy fits with his ideas on paying for healthcare. Bloomberg.com GOP Financial Services Overhaul Republicans have developed their own version of legislation aimed at overhauling regulations of the financial-services industry. The GOP version relies more on free-market principles than on additional... [Read Full Article]

Energy Prices: A Lesson in Supply and Demand

“Can we drill your brains?” This was Nancy Pelosi’s big comeback to the Drill Here, Drill Now protestors that she had to face at a Denver press event. She asked if they wanted to start drilling right then and there and then she asked, “Can we drill your brains?” This, from the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States. True, over the past two years we have come to expect drivel from our nation’s lawmakers, but the arrogant disregard for the dignity of her high office, for the people of the United States, for the well-worn and clearly understood laws of economics, for anyone or anything that disagrees with Pelosi or the ideological base that she and her party cling to with white knuckles and ragged breath was plainly and tragically on display for all to see outside that old Denver railway station. “Can we drill your brains?”  Never mind that it’s the kind of comeback that I would expect from my 6-year old. Strike that,... [Read Full Article]