Small Business Not Sold on Robin Hood Economics

  Government and Economy Small Business Not Sold on Robin Hood Economics The spending plan President Obama sent to Congress would take nearly $1 trillion from the rich in new taxes and give it to the poor in new tax cuts, college loans and socialized medicine; but small business advocates are worried about the problems that punishing Wall Street will cause on Main Street. Management and Financial Issues VCs Call for Frugality There is less money available to entrepreneurs these days and with fewer startups being bought, ventur... [Read Full Article]

Small Business at Center Stage in Geithner Hearing

  Government and Economy Small Business on the Stimulus Package What do the microbusinesses of America really think about President Obama's stimulus package? Grassley Speaks-up for Small Business at Geithner Hearings Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) defended the needs of small business during Treasury Secretary Geithner's testimony before the Senate Finance Committee. “I don’t understand why you would charge small business operators more t... [Read Full Article]