Small Business at Center Stage in Geithner Hearing


Government and Economy

Small Business on the Stimulus Package

What do the microbusinesses of America really think about President Obama's stimulus package?

Grassley Speaks-up for Small Business at Geithner Hearings

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) defended the needs of small business during Treasury Secretary Geithner's testimony before the Senate Finance Committee. “I don’t understand why you would charge small business operators more than you would charge corporations,” he stated. The Talk Radio News Service

Don't Force Unions on Small Businesses

Virginia's small businesses are struggling right now because of the recession. They're struggling to get customers, pay bills, and keep the doors open and the last thing they need is an adversarial relationship with their own workers.

Management and Financial Issues

Conflict Resolution for Your Business

Human disagreement remains inevitable. When conflict is not addressed, each side becomes defensive, and a person who is defensive will rarely see the logic of the other's position. These four steps will help you end conflict more quickly.

Performance Management

Performance management has never been more crucial to today’s business viability and long-term success. Learn how several leading companies can help your organization to achieve your performance objectives with real results. Workforce Management

Technology Issues

B2B E-Business Strategies

Learn about the different B2B e-business service and software products available to you in today's rapidly changing marketplace—and how they can help you build an effective e-business strategy. Technology Evaluation Centers

Benefits and Labor Issues

200 Questions Job Candidates May Ask You

An interview is a two-way street and you have to be ready for what your job candidate will ask. Here are some questions that applicants may ask. Workforce Management

Sales and Marketing

Twitter Marketing Successes
Two companies, each with a fiercely loyal customer base, take a vastly different approach to using Twitter to promote their brands.

Sales Planning During Economic Crisis
The creation of a formal, and completely realistic sales plan is probably the most important activity that you should spend your time on today and throughout the economic challenges we will continue to face.