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Merchants May Find Help With Credit Card Costs

  Government, Politics and the Economy Partisan Lines Forming Over Healthcare Reform The top Senate Democrats and President Obama appear aligned in support of a government-run health insurance option, facing off against Senate Republicans who say they refuse to won't back such a measure. New Bill Could Help Merchants with Credit Card Costs Under a new bill before the House of Representatives, merchants would be able to negotiate with banks to reduce the costs associated with credit card purchases. [Read Full Article]

SBA Saves Small Business $10.7 Billion Through RFA as Wall Street Execs Enjoy $18.4 Billion in Bonus

Government and Economy SBA Report: The Regulatory Flexibility Act The SBA Office of Advocacy saved small businesses $10.7 billion in foregone regulatory costs in fiscal 2008. The Regulatory Flexibility Act requires federal agencies to consider less burdensome regulatory alternatives that still reach agency goals. Obama Signs Equal Pay Law Declaring that ending pay disparity is not just a women's issue, President Obama signed legislation that gives workers more time to file their pay discrimination suits. House Passes Massiv... [Read Full Article]

Tis The Season for Some Phishing

The Holiday Season is upon us, and along with the numerous Santa's Helpers, elves, candy canes, decorated Christmas trees, lawn ornaments, sales, wrapping papers and horrific fruitcakes comes a rush of fraud and theft as computer-toting criminals try to secure a little holiday cheer by stealing yours. So, to keep you and your hard-earned money together just a little longer—there is no defense against a doe-eyed three-year old so forget it—we are take a little phishing trip. Phishing Without a Rod and Reel What got me on this topic today was an e-mail I received this morning (working URLs have been altered for your protection). It read: Secure Message Center Account: Capital One® credit card Date: 11/28/2008 We'd like to inform you that your secure mailbox has 1 new message. Please visit ... [Read Full Article]

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