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Ten Things Never to Say to a Customer

  Government, Politics and the Economy Democatic Senators: Climate-Change Legislation Should Be Dropped This Year Four Democratic senators as calling for the Senate to abandon efforts to pass legislation curbing greenhouse-gas emissions this year and concentrate on a narrower bill to require use of renewable energy. Management and Operations 10 Things Not to Say to Customers There are great things to say to a customer, and then there are things that will drive that same customer into the arms of the competition. Here are the top 10 things not to say to a customer and what you and your people should say instead.... [Read Full Article]

Lesson in Leadership: How to Make a Difference

  Government, Politics and the Economy Obama Supports Bank Fees for Risk and Wealth Surtax for Healthcare President Obama signaled his support for a proposal to impose fees on some of the nation’s largest financial firms to cover losses from risky transactions and avert another market meltdown. He also said that a surtax on the wealthy fits with his ideas on paying for healthcare. GOP Financial Services Overhaul Republicans have developed their own version of legislation aimed at overhauling regulations of the financial-services industry. The GOP version relies more on free-market principles than on additional... [Read Full Article]

Sometimes You Just Need to Apologize and Make it Right

General George S. Patton said it best: I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom. In other words, everyone fails. It happens. The real measure of who you are is what you do to recover when you fail. Patton applied that rationale to his soldiers, but in the world of business, especially service businesses, it also applies. I know of a destination management company (DMC) that just lost a very lucrative client and they did it by forgetting that the real measure of a business is what they do after the mistake is made, after the damage is done. In the field of destination management, when things go bad, they tend to go bad in an obvious and embarrassing way for the client. After all, they have put their image—personally and professionally—in the hands of the DMC and when there is a failure, it is the client that takes the hit and not the DMC they hired. Here is what happened: The DMC was contracted to manag... [Read Full Article]

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