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Small Biz Tip: Blogs: Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The Small Business tips today discuss how to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter.   Complete Your Profile - Fill out your biography, link to your blog, and any other information that others reading your Twitter OR blog could find you at. See the two as compliments of each other. Branding - Utilize the picture and background features. Create a brand for yourself - think of it as an Internet billboard. Create a theme that is consistent between your blog and your Twitter account. Links & Hashtags - Post links on your Twitter account each time you create a post on your blog. This can be synched, but for beginners, it is a simple step of copying and pasting the link from your blog to, then sending a tweet to your followers. Additionally, use hashtags (#) to brand your business and group your topics with other similar topics on Twitter. Be Visible! If you h... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Common Mistakes: Social Media

Tips from February 3, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss common social media mistakes. Incomplete Profile: People won't know who you are or be able to find things in common to make a connection or network. Fake Friending/Following: One way relationships on social media is an awful way to network. Create a two way relationship with REAL people that you want to get to know.  Selling by Spamming: Bombarding your business pushes customers away. No relationship? No clients. Connect first, promote later. Lack of Measurement: You need to measure so your business doesn't put time & energy in campaigns that are failing. Daily Overview: Creating one way relationships is the biggest mistake businesses in social media make. Avoid this by an active profile, creating two way relationships, and gauging what works. [Read Full Article]

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