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Know Your Industry

Starting a small business is an exciting time for entrepreneurs, especially if it is in an industry that they love. Taking a hobby or interest and turning it into a business is a common trend for many entrepreneurs. Having the love and dedication that small business owners need to start their business is important, but you can't make common mistakes to keep your business from success. An important step in starting your own business is knowing your industry. An industry is defined by Princeton as, "the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise." It is important to know specifics about your industry for many reasons. Knowing your industry will not only help your business succeed, but also give you an edge on your competition, and provide banks and other lenders information that they need to make an educated decision about loans for your business.... [Read Full Article]

Three Best Ways to Sell Excess Holiday Merchandise

Management and Operations Ten Worst Communication Blunders of 2009 From a steady review of major news events, here are the ten worst communication blunders of 2009. Management and OperationsProductivity Coach's Corner: Clear the Clutter, Create OpportunityThe following is a specific key to success in lightening the load on your body and mind. This is a practical activity, one you can do to reduce the unnecessary physical and psychological stress you may be carrying around right now. Wouldn't it be worth it to invest less than one half of an hour to regain some confidence and control? M... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Money Management: Making Sacrifices

Tips from July 1, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about making sacrifices in your business to save money. Cut back on office luxuries, and focus on spending money on the important things.  For example, providing office food can be cut back to once a week instead of every day.  That money can be used towards a new marketing or advertising campaign. Let the unproductive and nonprofitable employees go.  Having staff is important, but having staff that is not doing any good for your business is wasted money. Go generic.  Some prestigious brands are much, much more expensive than the generic ones.  Stick to the basics and you will have extra cash in your pocket. As a business owner, set money saving trends in the office. Limit personal spending and make other employees aware.  They will see the benefits and follow your trend. Daily Overview: Cutting back on unnecessary things... [Read Full Article]

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