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A Brand New American Economy

  Government and Economy Geithner: Economy Stabilizing, Pain Ahead Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Monday the U.S. economy was beginning to stabilize, but cautioned that consumers will still feel the pain of the current recession. Post-Recession America: A Vastly Different EconomyWith the US economy beginning to show some early signs of stabilization, people are wondering what the “new normal” economy is really going to look like? Here are some thoughts. Management and Financial Issues [Read Full Article]

Worker’s Compensation: Making it Work for Your Small Business

Would it surprise you to learn that a sizable number of small businessmen don’t really understand the plans, what they are really paying for or even why they are working with a particular carrier? These were the results of a recent poll conducted by small business insurance specialist Employers. Other results include: ·        13% don’t understand how workers compensation protects their employees or how it can protect their business from catastrophic claims. ·        14% of small business owners and executives could not name their insurer. ·        A significant number of small businesses rely on state funds, an early source of workers’ compensation insurance that dates to the 1900s. ·        Over 50% of those unhappy with their workers’ compensation use state funds. ·... [Read Full Article]

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