The Credit Crisis: Is it the Least of Our Worries?

Government and Economy

The New BBB Rating System

A conversation with the Better Business Bureau about its new letter grade rating system, how the process works, and how you can make it work for your small business.

Is The Credit Crisis The Least Of Our Worries?
The folks at Wharton's ''Fiscal Wake-up Tour” think so, leading to the question, what should we be worried about?

Management and Financial Issues

Down Round Financing and You

What entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when attempting to raise money after their company's valuation has fallen.

Answering Tough Questions

By preparing in advance and sticking to a plan, you can deliver convincing answers and stay in control when you're put on the spot.

The Rise of the Independent Contractor

As small businesses across the country are forced to cut expenses, some are laying off employees and relying upon independent contractors instead.

Professional Relationships: You and Your Competitors

Business owners often think of the competition as the enemy, but the reality of it is just as often very different. The same people you compete with can turn out to be valuable assets.

Coping with Coffeehouse Loafers

As WiFi hot spots become more prevalent, the problem for small to midsized chains is how to retain the welcoming coffeehouse culture without giving away the store to loafing customers.

Technology Issues

Forget “Best Practices” and Go Back to Basics
When it comes to information technology, just because something is widely accepted doesn't mean it works—and these days, sticking with what works is important.

10 Steps to Implementing a Business Phone System
A business phone system is only as effective as its implementation, and the key to a successful rollout is a well-planned, phased approach. These steps can help you lay the foundation for a system overhaul as well as streamline your business communications for many years to come.

Benefits and Labor Issues

What “The Biggest Loser” Can Teach You
The hit TV show can be viewed as a kind of wellness program, offering insight into how support groups, incentives and education can help people lose weight. Winner Bill Germanakos lost 164 pounds in the course of the show’s fourth season.

Top 1,000 Funds Drop Close to $1 Trillion

Troubled equity markets push retirement plans to record losses; top 200 DB plans fall 16.5 percent while DC plans lose 13.7 percent.

Sales and Marketing

Better Leads Mean Better Sales Results
Learn how eliminating the gap between sales and marketing can increase lead quality and increase sales performance.

No Compromise CRM: A Strategy for Profitable Growth
Organizations that can build a business-centric system flexible enough to quickly respond to changing customer needs will have a sustainable competitive advantage and enjoy profitable growth for years to come.

Special Sauce, Silver Bullets, and E-mail Marketing
Four ways to improve e-mail marketing campaign results.

The All-time Top 10 Super Bowl Ads
Here is a rundown of the best Super Bowl ads of all time. Let's face it, nothing makes the economy seem in good shape like corporations lining up to spend $3 million for a 30-second advertisement that may or may not help their company.