The Credit Crisis: Is it the Least of Our Worries?

Government and Economy The New BBB Rating System A conversation with the Better Business Bureau about its new letter grade rating system, how the process works, and how you can make it work for your small business. Is The Credit Crisis The Least Of Our Worries?The folks at Wharton's ''Fiscal Wake-up Tour” think so, leading to the question, what should we be worried about? Management and Financial Issues [Read Full Article]

Wellness at Work

With 59% of employees desk-bound from 9-5, five days a week, it is crucial to encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle. To accomplish this, many companies have instituted wellness programs for their employees and the results are very encouraging. Wellness programs in the workplace not only benefit the individual, but also the company as a whole. They have been shown to decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, profitability and the overall morale of the company. In addition, employee programs may also be a way to decrease health care costs. Health-conscious employees take better care of themselves. They are healthier, use fewer sick days, have fewer medical/disability/workers compensation claims and all that combined means that their employers save money. One company that saw quick results was Coors Brewing Co. After implementing a wellness program, they reported that for each $1 spent on wellness, they saw $5.50 in return and their employees reduced absenteeism by 18%. According to Steve... [Read Full Article]