Obama Argues Stimulus as Postal Service Eyes Delivery Cutbacks

Government and Economy

Obama Argues for Stimulus Before House

Expecting easy House approval of an $816 billion stimulus plan, President Obama said the nation is at a "perilous moment" that requires swift and decisive action from government.

Fed to Use Every Tool to Help Economy

The Federal Reserve has signaled that it will continue with the “unconventional tools” they have used so far to cushion the pain of the recession, including keeping interest rates at record lows.

Mail Delivery May Go From Six to Five Days A Week

Postmaster General John Potter says the massive deficits facing the post office could force the agency to cut one day of mail delivery per week.

Management and Financial Issues

Community Banks Increase Loans to Small Businesses

Since big banks are holding tight to their money, community banks are stepping in to fill the void and offer loans and lines of credit to small business owners.

Saving a Struggling Business

Business experts offer 11 practical tips to turn your ailing business around in the face of economic uncertainty.

Work at What You Love

While many successful businesspeople start home-based businesses on a wing and a prayer and with minimal investment, they do so with an idea they love, commitment, determination and imagination.

Technology Issues

Spam Is Back

The email-using world rejoiced last year when the McColo spam network was busted and spam levels dropped 70%. It was a brief interlude as others have stepped in to take McColo's place, now, according to Postini Message Security, spam levels are up 150%.

AVG: Malware Sites on the Rise

Research from anti-malware company AVG indicates that the number and the volatility of websites serving up malicious code is increasing dramatically.

Q4 2008 Study: Click Fraud at an All-time High

Thanks in part to swarms of malware-infected personal computers, click fraud reached an all-time high in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Can Small Business Survive Card Check?

"Card-check" would make it easier for unions to organize, but critics say that small businesses couldn't survive if they had to abide by union contracts that demand higher wages and benefits and strict workplace rules.

Managers Unaware of Sick Employees

According to a recent OfficeTeam survey, employers may be out of touch with their workers as many managers don't realize how often their employees are coming into work sick. Is it really better for your employees to tough it out? Some say it isn't.

Employers on Defensive About 401(k) Plans
Companies that sponsor 401(k) plans cannot ignore the waning confidence in what has become their primary retirement benefits offering.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Design and the Consumer Experience
Digital marketers must understand their technology options and how they impact the customer experience.

Small Business Email Customer Lifecycle Tactics

There are five basic lifecycle tactics that will, in the coming year, help you identify areas of focus when laying out your strategy and setting goals.