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New RNC Chairman Pushes for More Small Business Stimulus

Government and Economy

Quarterly Indicators: The Economy and Small Business

In the fourth quarter of 2008, the U.S. economy suffered its worst decline since 1982 as real GDP fell by an annualized 3.8 percent. In 2008, the US lost 2.97 million jobs, more than half of them in the fourth quarter. These and other trends are discussed as they affect small business.

RNC Chairman Steele Pushes for More Small Business Aid

Not all jobs are created equal according to recently elected Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele, who argues that the Obama Administration in making work than in creating lasting jobs. He is pushing for more of the economic stimulus package to go for small businesses.

Obama's Stimulus Plan Passes Senate

President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan has passed the Senate and is now on its way to what promise to be very difficult House-Senate negotiations.

Geithner Offers $2 Trillion to Unlock Credit Market

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has pledged as much as $2 billion in government financing to spur new lending and address banks’ toxic assets.

Management and Financial Issues

Surviving the Recession

The answer is not necessarily to dig in and try to ride out the storm. To survive, you need to be willing to take a chance when new opportunities present themselves.

Street Crime: Robbers Who Follow You Home

Businesspeople understand the possibility that their business could be robbed, but what about the chance that a criminal could follow them as they leave the office and attack them at home? Here's what you need to know to protect yourself from follow-home robbers.

Technology Issues

Maximize You Business' Value with Technology
Explore the relationship between IT investment and gains in performance and productivity, and find out how leading companies are maximizing their returns on IT investments.

Reporting and Analysis: Understanding the Difference
Are you merely looking at website performance data, or are you using the data to drive insight?

Benefits and Labor Issues

Some Small Firms Add 401(k)s Despite Recession

The new plans, however, often come with serious trade-offs, such as delayed employer matches or moratoriums on raises.

Worker Protests May Spread
Some experts are saying that the protest by laid-off employees to force their Chicago employer to come up with their severance and accrued-vacation pay has sparked a fire that will spread.

Employers: Hiring Will Improve as Unemployment Worsen

Despite bleak employment news, a large number of executives appear to be optimistic on the need for talent.

SBE Council Releases The 2009 Health Care Policy Cost Index

The Index ranks the healthcare policies of the states according to five policy measures including mandated benefits on insurers, "play or pay" mandates on businesses, community rating mandates, guaranteed issue mandates, and tax deductibility for health savings accounts.

Healthcare Changes Buried in The Stimulus Bill

Hidden healthcare provisions in the economic stimulus bill, modeled on European healthcare policies, will change the way medicine is practiced here in the US.

Sales and Marketing

The Customer Experience: A Practical Approach to Differentiated Service
Great service is the number one reason customers cite for being loyal and recommending companies to friends and colleagues, while poor service drives customers away. Learn about a proven and practical approach to delivering great service and reaping critical customer benefits.

Strategies for Distributing Online Video Content
Learn about brand content distribution strategies, which have become more sophisticated. Discover your options.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty When Times Are Tough

You must consistently work at increasing customer loyalty if you're business is going to thrive. So, when times are tough, it is more important than ever to maintain the consistency of your relationship-building strategies.