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The Formula That Brought Down the Economy


Government and Economy

SBA Podcasts Available for Small Business Owners

The US Small Business Administration has upgraded its podcasts to offer additional resources to the nation’s entrepreneurs. Business owners can take advantage of this and other business resources from the SBA to help them more effectively manage their firms, including free online training courses and other business tools and resources.

A Formula for Disaster

If you have been looking for the poisoned seed at the center of the economic nightmare, here it is!

House Democrats Release Omnibus Spending Measure

Less than two weeks since President Obama signed his $787 billion stimulus package, House Democrats unveiled a $410 billion spending bill to keep the government running through the end of the fiscal year.

Reid: Don't Call it Nationalization

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid supports government efforts to dramatically expand its stake in Citigroup, but he doesn't want people to call it “Nationalization.”

Management and Financial Issues

An Acronym for Applying for Business Credit

If you or your business are looking for credit and doubting your chances of finding the cash you need, remember this simple acronym.

Quantifying the ROI on Your People

It is possible to properly assess a candidates value if you link their scores to valued, predetermined outcomes. Talent Management

Raising Morale on the Cheap

Sure, the economy stinks, but your workplace doesn't have to! Here are some ideas on making your business a great place to be.

Technology Issues

Your Web Visitors Have Feelings, Too
Beware of these traps when using attitudinal data.

Accelerate Performance With This New Online Marketing Tool
Knexus Digital has launched their new content license offering. Check it out!

Benefits and Labor Issues

Stimulus Law Tightened HIPAA Rules
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has extended direct HIPAA enforcement to benefit consultants, third-party administrators and disease management and wellness program providers.

Wellness Programs Must Follow Federal Criteria
Under the final HIPAA rules, as long as the wellness program meets certain regulations, employers may vary the amount of premium contributions required from employees.

Sales and Marketing

Sales Strategies for a Tough Economy

Here are eight things you can do to actively compete and keep your sales afloat in a bad economy.

Building Your Email List

Building and maintaining email lists is a challenge, but if the work is done well and consistently, the rewards—new business and customer loyalty—can be great.

Sales Lessons from the Bazaar
There are great negotiation lessons to be learned from Egyptian market traders.