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Is Obama Listening to American Business?

ABC Online and On Your Side Gets a Redesign recently got a redesign. More members are seeing their business on the site as a Featured Listing on the local homepages, search results and more! If you're a paid ABC member you can login to add coupons, images and detailed descriptions to drive even more traffic to your business. Government, Politics and the Economy Velazquez: Reduce the Burden on Small Business House Committee on Small Business chairwoman Nydia Velázquez (D-NY), is asking for changes in the healthcare reform legislation being developed that would reduce the tax burden on small businesses. [Read Full Article]

Small Business Stimulus: Is Obama Doing Enough?

  Government and Economy Small Business Stimulus: Is Obama Doing Enough? As stimulus money starts trickling out, some are asking a timely question: Is the federal government doing enough to ensure small businesses get their share? 10 Growth Sectors In spite of all the bad economic news, some sectors of the economy are actually growing. Here is the rundown. Report: Record Fall-off in Sales-tax Revenue State and l... [Read Full Article]

SBA Loan Relief Program: Do You Qualify?

  Government and Economy The SBA Loan-Relief Program: Does Your Business Qualify? The Small Business Administration's upcoming loan-relief program can't be used to pay down existing SBA loans, but past borrowers are still be eligible for help with other debts. US Aid Agency Throws US Workers Under the Bus While the federal government is spending trillions of stimulus dollars to stop the rising tide of US layoffs, that same government has decided to put even more Americans out of work by buying cheaper foreign products—Chinese condoms. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Cries Foul on Obama Tax Hikes

  Government and Economy Small Business Cries Foul on Tax Hikes Small business owners and their Washington advocates are coming out against President Obama’s plan to raise income tax rates for America’s wealthiest in 2011, calling it is an ill-timed attack on small businesses that will stymie job growth. Card Check Far From Decided Both sides argue it’s a matter of fairness. According to Labor, the secret-ballot system invites employer intimidation. For the employers, an open card check system means more union pressure on their employees. Both sides are gearing up for a fight. ... [Read Full Article]

The Formula That Brought Down the Economy

  Government and Economy SBA Podcasts Available for Small Business Owners The US Small Business Administration has upgraded its podcasts to offer additional resources to the nation’s entrepreneurs. Business owners can take advantage of this and other business resources from the SBA to help them more effectively manage their firms, including free online training courses and other business tools and resources. A Formula for Disaster If you have been looking for the poisoned seed at the center of the economic nightmare, here it is! [Read Full Article]

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