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SBA Loan Relief Program: Do You Qualify?


Government and Economy

The SBA Loan-Relief Program: Does Your Business Qualify?

The Small Business Administration's upcoming loan-relief program can't be used to pay down existing SBA loans, but past borrowers are still be eligible for help with other debts.

US Aid Agency Throws US Workers Under the Bus

While the federal government is spending trillions of stimulus dollars to stop the rising tide of US layoffs, that same government has decided to put even more Americans out of work by buying cheaper foreign products—Chinese condoms.

Gallows Humor or Something Else?

In his recent 60 Minutes interview, President Barack Obama's laughter and jovial demeanor over the nation's economic troubles had interviewer Steve Kroft wondering whether the President was punch drunk. You decide.

Management and Financial Issues

Emphasize Training to Survive the Downturn

According to Keith McFarland, this is the time to put your weakest players through a training program so they can help you make it through these difficult times—either that or let them go.

Technology Issues

Give Consumers Choice: Ads vs. No Ads
When consumers choose to view an ad, they are, by default, engaged in the view.

The New Vogue in Internet Crime Targets: Small Business

Hackers are turning away from big targets with hard defenses and experienced IT security people in favor of poorly defended small businesses.

Benefits and Labor Issues

Wellness Programs Becoming a Key Benefit
Employers are stepping up communication with their employees about wellness and employee assistance programs available to them and are not planning to make significant cuts in their budgets for those programs.

Sales and Marketing

Offline Advertising for Online Businesses

While traditional advertising can drive customers to your website, promoting it offline can drive new customers to your web business. Here are some things you should consider.

Using Social Media Advertising to Drive Results
Your marketing campaign must be contextually relevant, gives something of value to the social networker, and requires active participation on your part.

The Sales and Marketing Disconnect

Marketing is motivated by the number of leads it generates while sales is driven by the number of sales closed and how much revenue is generated. These different priorities often drive these seemingly complimentary areas of your business away from each other. Here is something you can do about it.

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